A tactical masterclass in online writing on LinkedIn with Roxana Irimia

Masterclass in Online Writing on LinkedIn

I’ve been reading a lot on LinkedIn that your personal brand is your new CV – a new way to get new opportunities, a way for companies to have a better view of what you know.

I totally agree.

But if you don’t have a personal brand, where do you start from?

With learning great copywriting skills

There, I said it.

No matter the platform you choose, LinkedIn, X, blog, copywriting skills come into play while you create your headlines, your summary, your captions, everything.

Whether you’re writing long-form articles, posts, or engaging with comments and messages, copywriting skills help you articulate your thoughts clearly, concisely, and persuasively. 

Copywriting can help you captivate your audience, spark meaningful conversations, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

And if you didn’t know by now, effective communication is at the heart of networking and relationship building on LinkedIn.

Whether you’re reaching out to connect with industry peers, engaging in conversations in groups, or sending personalized messages to potential collaborators, copywriting skills enable you to convey your intentions, build rapport, and nurture authentic relationships.

So, do you need copywriting skills? Absolutely. 

But how can you build your copywriting skills if you don’t have them?

Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of copywriting, including techniques such as storytelling, persuasion, and call-to-action.

You can learn them from books, courses, and articles.

Or pay attention to the copywriting techniques used by successful LinkedIn influencers and thought leaders.

Analyze their posts, headlines, and writing style to gain insights into what works and adapt those techniques to your own content.

But like Roxana Irimia says, like any skill, copywriting improves with practice.

Set aside time to write regularly, whether it’s LinkedIn posts, articles, or even just short updates and day by day.

Experiment with different styles, tones, and formats to find what resonates best with your audience.

Don’t be afraid to seek feedback from peers, mentors, or even your LinkedIn connections, and in time.

You’ll improve over time and it will be easier for you to write, find your voice and build a personal brand. 

Who is Roxana Irimia?

“She’s the marketing roxtar” as she mentions on her LinkedIn headline.

She was a Community Manager at iconoClass and before that Roxana was a Country Manager & Copywriter Team Lead at Crowd Media.

She’s currently a member of Pavilion, a community created for B2B go-to-market leaders.

But most importantly, she has been working at lempire since 2020.

She started as a Social Media Manager, but soon she became Content Lead, and then Head of Marketing.

I think lempire had played a huge role in building her personal brand on LinkedIn due to its product offerings such as Taplio or Lemcal which are tools for scheduling LinkedIn posts and building a personal brand.

Since she started being more active on LinkedIn, she has reached an audience of 46,000 of followers.

Why is Roxana a B2B creator?

  1. Creating a personal brand
  2. Copywriting skills
  3. Adapting to different audiences
  4. Lemlist’s educational voice

A. Creating a personal brand

Roxana started posting on LinkedIn in December 2020, but her posts were in French.

Most probably because she works from Paris and she tried to create an audience formed from French marketers.

She had posts that had more than 800 reactions, so that motivated her to continue to post.

But interestingly, in March 2021 she wrote her first post in English that was a huge hit on LinkedIn.

It was about how she was late for work because she didn’t hear her alarm.

Her boss told her it’s fine, she shouldn’t worry.

And that’s how she can tell the difference between a leader and a boss.

That post had 58,131 interactions and 659 comments.

Till this day it’s one of her best posts.

Instead of being appreciated for her courage to post this, people judged her for being late, for writing on LinkedIn and so on.

They even mentioned her in the Neurchis de LinkedIn group which is the biggest group of haters in France.

I think that was the moment she was really disappointed about the audience that formed around her and definitively switched her post language to English.

One small detail that puts the puzzle pieces together is that Rox started posting on LinkedIn right after coming to lempire in December 2020.

Guillaume Moubeche, CEO of lempire, created a YouTube video in July 2022 recommending five best LinkedIn accounts to follow to be better at marketing.

Among the five there was Roxana.

Guillaume said Roxana’s only focus in 2021 was to build herself a LinkedIn audience.

Which explains why she started to be so active on LinkedIn.

Most probably they were building Roxana’s audience to show that you can learn copywriting and storytelling skills to help you grow a brand and you can definitely take advantage of lempire’s tools to help you grow.

I’m wondering if they knew that besides creating Roxana’s personal brand, they were actually creating an in-house creator.

Besides Roxana’s brand, they also helped some other colleagues to build their personal brand such as Lucas Perret, Kévin Moënne-Loccoz, and some others.

lempire grow their company faster than others proving that building personal brands helps business’ reach and development.

B. Copywriting skills

Roxana may have been encouraged to learn more about copywriting or storytelling, but after all it was part of her job as a Social Media Manager to learn about social and copywriting.

Having different lempire tools at hand was a benefit for her in terms of generating ideas or scheduling posts, but it’s not like lempire told her what to create or how to think.

That was on her.

She researched, she tested, she implemented.

She designed her personal brand her own way.

What are some of the techniques she used?

1. Drawing curiosity with numbers

Roxana uses numbers as hooks in the beginning of her posts such as “15 Marketing Tips Worth Knowing” or “4 Tips That Will Improve Your Posts“.

This copywriting technique helped her convey value and actionable insights, making her audience engage with the content to learn more.

2. The power of storytelling

She crafts posts about her personal experiences, such as being late for work or how it has been to work in a start up.

This helped her connect with her audience on a deeper level and made her content memorable by humanizing her brand.

Besides captivating attention, evoking empathy, stories made her audience see her authenticity and helped her build up her credibility.

3. Using negative approaches

Roxana uses negative approaches when creating her LinkedIn posts.

These have the power to grab her audience’s attention and make them listen to what she says.

Roxana provides insights and solutions to her audience highlighting the power of critical thinking.

This negative approach is also a differentiation technique because it positions herself as a thought-provoking voice making her a trusted advisor in providing copywriting advice.

4. Creating emotional appeal to motivate action

Roxana also created motivational content to inspire her audience and give them that feeling of empowerment.

She shared her journey of working for a startup for a year and a half highlighting the lessons learned compared to what she learned in school, and encouraged others to learn by doing.

By sharing stories and motivational messages, she resonated with her audience’s aspirations deepening her connection with it.

5. Offer actionable advice

Most of Roxana’s posts have actionable advice or tips that her audience could implement in their own professional lives.

Whether she offers writing tips or strategies for turning LinkedIn likes into opportunities, she delivers practical guidance that add value to her audience’s skills.

This copywriting technique only contributes to making her a trusted authority.

6. Roxana

There are a few extra things that Roxana does that set her apart and makes her audience engage with her posts.

She starts all her posts with a powerful hook that makes you want to read the rest of the post.

And that hook is the only thing you see before you click on “…see more”.

One more thing.

All her posts are kept short, even the ones with carousels.

A few lines, maximum 3 bullet points, in her case arrows, and that is all.

There is enough room to talk about everything without boring the audience.

C. Adapting to different audiences

Among Roxana’s responsibilities when she first came to lempire was to handle Guillaume’s Instagram and YouTube accounts and to grow his audience.

As time went by, building her personal brand has become one of her main priorities.

Roxana even posted that she learned a lot about copywriting and storytelling while creating hundreds of posts for her LI, and even though she still has much to learn she can help others grow.

Soon she started helping her colleagues to grow their personal brands as well.

She helped her colleagues create content around their topics of interest and moreover she helped more than 10 people write their LinkedIn posts back in 2023.

These people managed to increase their audience by five times and get millions of views on their posts.

D. Lemlist’s educational voice

Roxana and Guillaume had been working on a LinkedIn course on lempire called Personal Branding School which has seven lessons about everything you want to know.

I think everything Roxana learned about copywriting and observed on other accounts she applied on her account and found out what works best for her audience.

Roxana created a post about it saying they’re giving away their $904 course for free for everyone wanting to grow their personal brand.

It also mentions that due to the company’s employees personal brands, the company made more than 20,000 clients worldwide and gained more than $5,000,000 in revenue.

For anyone interested, I’ve accessed their course and it is packed with a lot of great insights that are still relevant on LinkedIn even if it’s a couple of years old now.

What can B2B creators learn from Roxana?

1. Copywriting as the base of personal branding

Roxana started posting on LinkedIn in 2021 every other day, and with each day she became a better copywriter and a better storyteller.

With everything she learned and applied, Roxana has succeeded in establishing herself as a trusted authority who knows a lot about copywriting and building a personal brand.

So you can say that to grow a personal brand you must learn copywriting skills if you would like to be known as a thought-leader in your field.

Why? Because a personal brand is like your CV as Roxana and many others say on LinkedIn.

And to show everyone your expertise you have to know how to sell what you know throughout the power of words.

2. Consistency leads to finding your voice

Roxana started her LinkedIn journey writing in French, then she used to write longer posts, until she found out what works best for her.

But it took her more than 2 years.

It didn’t not happen overnight as finding your voice is not a Cinderella story.

Moreover, sometimes it can be more than finding the voice of your brand, it’s sometimes about finding your voice in general.

Roxana mentioned in a few posts that she’s an introvert like many of the LinkedIn users out there, but she found courage to build a personal brand to grow as a person, learn more, and to become more open.

She even has a post where she wrote how she manages to connect and engage with other LinkedIn users even though that helps her get out of the shell.

3. Pursue meaningful work beyond your job description

I don’t want to talk again about how wonderful companies like Apollo, Lavender, or lempire are for encouraging their employees to grow their personal brands for the benefit of all parties.

But I want to say that working in a company should help you grow. 

After a year’s tenure, employees should feel they’ve gained invaluable knowledge and skills. 

Similarly, CEOs should measure their success not just by financial metrics but by the growth and development of their businesses, like Guillaume who transformed his $1000 into million-dollar businesses.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been wanting to write about Roxana’s journey for a while now.

I’ve been impressed by her dedication and how much she has grown her audience and her personal brand over the years.

She showed that everyone can build a brand if they’re consistent and know that they want to talk about and what to achieve.