How we helped Ruben

Robert Katai is not just a creative genius. His marketing and business mindset helped me understand my audience and how to produce the kind of content that made my future client write to me, “I wanna work with you.

I worked with him on several LinkedIn posts that landed me millions of dollars in contracts because the client saw the post, liked it, and wanted to connect with me.

Anybody who says that social media can’t drive businesses is a fool… or has never worked with Robert Katai.

Ruben Filimon

Managing Partner, Growth Wiser


We understand your purpose and create together with you a sustainable strategy.


After confirming the purpose and objective we start working on your visual design identity, differentiators and underline your unique value.


A monthly interview were we get deeper in your perspective, mindset, beliefs and ideas so we can create the type of content that can build your audience. 

Let’s work together


How we helped Chris

I started working with Robert Katai because I love his approach: Do the things that nobody is willing to do.

So, after our first meet, I knew that we needed to work together because he understands my needs, my purpose, and is the kind of person that doesn’t step back from hard work.

In one week, I received a personal brand visual positioning, one content strategy for the next 3 months, and already started putting in the work to craft my next B2B posts.

These types of content are everything I could make if I have the time to sit down and create. But Robert’s system is everything I need if I had my own personal media company.

Results? My audience is growing, my personal brand is stronger than before, and it’s just getting better and better.

My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier to work with Robert.

Chris Cunningham

Founding Member ClickUp – Head of Social Marketing