Collective Wisdom Empowers Employees to Become Evangelists (via Daniel Cmejla)

“All for one, and one for all” – Alexandre Dumas

Fortunately, today’s creators have realized that withholding their ideas and strategies diminishes the magnitude of their triumph.

They have recognized that the joy of success is derived from witnessing others achieve success by implementing shared strategies, following advice, or with the assistance of others.

After all, living in a world where every individual operates in isolation was never the intended design.

It required groups of 20-30 people to hunt 15,000 mammoths, while a single human stood no chance.

Uplift others and growth will come

Working in a positive environment is capable of boosting morale and amplifying productivity. 

As employees, employers, creators, and business owners, we are responsible for the atmosphere we create, as it becomes a powerful driver behind both personal and collective success.

But how can we create this positive environment around us?

It involves acknowledging the efforts and accomplishments of people within your team, as Daniel Cmejla is doing.

Equipping your team with everything they need to succeed and being there to support them, either by actively participating in the work or offering assistance in developing their soft skills.

You can also create it by actively participating in communities, whether industry-specific or driven by shared interests. 

Through community engagement, we unlock a wealth of shared knowledge, networking opportunities, and support.

Embracing a variety of viewpoints leads to innovative solutions, personal insights, and a richer overall experience for all contributors.

To create this positive atmosphere and cultivate a collective growth mentality, one must also embrace a growth mindset. 

And to understand that success is strongly connected to the triumph of those around you. 

The journey towards excellence is marked by support, collaboration, and the celebration of shared victories, is key to building a positive and uplifting environment.

Who is Daniel Cmejla?

If I were to describe Daniel Cmejla based on his LinkedIn recommendation, it would be a heart-centered leader.

And based on what I read about him, those recommendations are right.

Besides being there for everyone when times were tough and speaking out things others wouldn’t have the courage to say, Daniel is a community expert, a marketing leader, founder, and a political operative.

He’s currently the Vice President of Community at and it seems like the role fits him like a glove based on his personality.

On his LinkedIn he posts about his work at, and also talks about community marketing, management, or customer marketing to his 11,731 followers.

Before joining Apollo a year ago, he was the Vice President of Brand and Community at Chili Piper where he did an outstanding job.

He took the company’s social impressions from 3k per month to 1-3 million monthly.

And in his last two months there,  60% of all new revenue at the company was sourced through community, social, or events.

Daniel is also involved in political issues, founding and being the Senior Advisor of the Election Day Off, militating for employees rights to take a day off on the voting day. 

How is Daniel committed to uplift others and why is he a B2B creator?

  1. Believes in collective wisdom
  2. Empowers others
  3. He’s an Apollo evangelist

Believes in collective wisdom

I’ve said earlier that Daniel’s position as a VP of Community fits him perfectly, so here’s why.

In one of his posts, Daniel starts talking about trying to convince a top community leader from the Saas industry to join Apollo.

He’s telling them that they can run the same playbook and go to new heights with much less effort because they already know the game.

Daniel exemplifies that this is exactly what he did moving from Moderns Sales Pro, to Chili Piper, to Apollo.

But he says that the beauty of things is not in the fact that you know how to win the game.

It’s in the way of learning from the collective wisdom of those around you.

Learning by experience can get you far but not as fast as learning from others.

And community is a powerful resource for accelerating learning through the collective wisdom of diverse individuals.

It’s a platform for sharing varied perspectives and experiences.

That’s why he constantly shares his opinion about community marketing and about his approach on onboarding new hires in Apollo’s community team.

He says that when Zoë hartsfield, Caroline Maloney, Meryoli Arias ,Kayla Drake, or Taylor Bogar joined Apollo’s team, he conducted a series of collaborative and interactive training sessions.

The goal was to equip the new hires with multiple prioritization frameworks, providing them with tools to effectively manage tasks and objectives, and getting the idea of having to work 24/7 to be successful out of their head.

He also emphasizes the importance of creating a culture of mutual support and trust from the beginning to create an environment that encourages collaboration and trust among all the team members.

So, as you can see, he highlights again the importance of collective wisdom.

Empowers others


Because “The best way to level up??? Level up those around you.”

Daniel realized a long time ago that by being supportive and encouraging those around him, the teams in which he was in thrived, the companies were on a rise, and he got his share of success.

Talks about Apollo’s awesome team

In the majority of his LinkedIn posts he highlights how the reason why Apollo is so successful, besides their great product, it’s the team behind it.

He takes his time to thank them and he considers himself the luckiest worker in tech with a team like no other.

Helps those in need

When times are rough he doesn’t bail on people.

When things at Chili Piper didn’t work well and they had to let go of 12 SDRs and several members of SDR leadership, Daniel offered his support.

He wrote a LinkedIn post saying how he can help his former colleagues.

The post was not necessarily meant for that because he could have written to them personally, but to ask leaders in his community if they could hire them.

In one of the comments he responded with  “One of the best things I think you can do is just continue to support those who remain at Chili Piper and offer support to those who do not.”

He’s empowering employees and gives management advice

Daniel talks about the importance of taking paid time off to prevent burnout, sharing insights on his personal philosophy and the culture at

As a manager, Daniel has the dual role of supporting people at work and helping them take time for themselves outside of work.

He challenges his LinkedIn community to evaluate if they need to take PTO by asking themselves: “Am I bringing my best self to work every day?”.

This question serves as a self-reflection tool for employees to think about their well-being and work performance.

He also talks about the importance of taking a break and doing something you enjoy.

Daniel exemplifies that three times per week he loses 25 minutes to make himself a sandwich, but he doesn’t regret it and probably that time helps him be more productive at work.

He’s empowering employees to take breaks, ask for their PTO, but he also offers advice to people in leadership positions.

How LinkedIn empowered Daniel

Empowering others helped him grow as a person, but as an employee as well.

In a post he says that being on LinkedIn changed his life.

But not in the way you would expect from a B2B in-house creator and evangelist, but in the way he finds people.

He finds the right people to join his team and people who come and speak their minds at the events organized by Apollo.

Invites everyone to Apollo’s events

Speaking of events, he enjoys being present and takes relationship building offline.

Most of the events organized by Apollo are free, but are invitation-only.

Daniel invites his community to these events for sales & marketing leaders in management,  strategy and operations, or revenue-centric founders.

It’s a great way to connect with people, meeting them in person and exchanging ideas.

Or even if they don’t actually meet at the event, it’s a win for the community as they have the chance to talk to industry leaders.

(Again, that collective wisdom he truly cares about.)

He’s an active supporter

Besides uplifting people as a community leader, Daniel supports various causes such as employees rights, women’s rights, and now, more recently he talks about the Palestinian war.

He’s an Apollo evangelist

Besides mentioning and talking about his team mates from Apollo, Daniel often talks about the strategies they implement. 

Like for example when he talked about focusing on reinforcing organic relationships with real customers instead of instantly relying on influencers, and he even offered practical tactics they used at Apollo.

He said they have a trusted individual as an admin for the company’s LinkedIn page who regularly checks the “Mentions” tab to respond thoughtfully to every positive mention, and directly messages individuals who may need assistance with Apollo.

He also highlighted the importance of understanding the deeper, more fundamental goals of customers beyond surface-level objectives.

At Apollo they have a collaborating approach and work with clients to support their true goals and take ownership when mistakes occur.

Because he’s so involved in the company and truly believes in their product, Daniel, protects the company from accusations made by their competitor ZoomInfo.

Daniel clarifies that doesn’t pay any of the customers who mention the company on LinkedIn daily.

He adds that companies like Apollo and Lavender continue to win on social platforms due to building relationships through collaboration instead of just relying on paying influencers.

Daniel constantly shares on LinkedIn what they do at Apollo.

In some posts he talks about the investments Apollo received and how the company doesn’t invest money in the community team.

Daniel explains that money should be spent just because they have plenty and talks about the experiments his team is doing to increase Apollo’s return on investment.

With these types of posts, you can find out the strategies they implement at Apollo and how they implement them.

If they’re useful, you can do an Alex Llull move and steal their strategy and adapt it to grow your brand as well.

What can B2B creators learn from Daniel?

Learn by helping others

Daniel Cmejla strongly believes in the value of collective wisdom in B2B community building. 

He suggests that learning from the experiences and diverse perspectives of others accelerates growth more effectively than learning solely through personal experience. 

By actively participating in community discussions and sharing insights, you can tap into the collective wisdom of your audience.

You can create a collaborative environment that benefits everyone.

You can grow as long as you uplift others

Daniel’s approach revolves around uplifting and empowering those around him.

He advocates for the idea that the best way to level up personally is to level up those in your team and your LinkedIn community.

And he’s not just referring to professional growth, but to the importance of offering support during challenging times (losing a job, knowing someone who suffers from the political situations in Ukraine or Palestina).

By actively supporting colleagues, collaborators, people in general, you can build a positive and resilient community that contributes to personal and collective success.

But please offer support only if you mean it, otherwise it will do you more wrong.

Build a strategic community

Being a Vice President of Community at, Daniel showcases some of his strategic community-building practices right on his LinkedIn.

His tactics strengthen Apollo’s community internally but also contribute to external success of their product.

So deep dive into Daniel’s strategies and learn about the importance of intentional community development to enhance your team dynamics and achieve organizational goals.

Final Thoughts

Let’s draw inspiration from Daniel’s approach, understanding that our shared insights, strategies, and offering support contribute to a thriving and empowering collective whether that is our LinkedIn community, X community, work team, or any other groups we may be part of.