How ClickUp dominates social media – the TikTok B2B playbook

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Some B2B employees roll their eyes when they hear their company wants to make TikTok videos or wants to build a social media presence.

But ClickUp is a company that bets a lot on social media for brand visibility and for engagement.

And they’re doing great.

If you don’t know what ClickUp is, it’s an all-in-one productivity platform that brings teams, tasks, and tools together in one place. 

So it’s more than just a task management tool, it’s a place where you can plan, organize, and collaborate.

It’s trusted by millions of users and over 100,000 teams at some of the world’s best companies, including Google and Nike.

Actually they’ve been listed on Forbes’ America’s Best Startup Employers 2024.

Because of their strong presence on social media, especially on TikTok, I’ve thought of doing a bit of research on them and seeing what they do.

Some of the things I’ll talk about are:

  • Why does ClickUp focus on TikTok and what is their strategy
  • The importance of repurposing your content on different channels
  • Why it’s important to have a great content ecosystem and get your CEO and employees involved in social media + create amazing content on the company’s LinkedIn page

Now, let’s get started with the article.

Breaking down ClickUp’s social media strategy

Most B2B companies think that throwing a few blog posts and webinar presentations on their company’s social media channel will work and increase their sales.

Or other B2B businesses are all over the place without having a clear strategy of what they do and why they do it.

Well, you and I know these just don’t work.

When it comes to ClickUp they nail their social media strategies on all their platforms.

ClickUp is winning at TikTok B2B marketing

It’s not news that more B2B companies, such as Semrush, Notion, or Shopify, are taking advantage of TikTok and creating short-form video content.

ClickUp didn’t want to miss this start either.

So they buckled up and created their account back in 2021.

Their first TikTok was a funny product video where they updated the lyrics to a popular song to tell everyone who they are.

After that video, they immediately adapted to the platform’s style of creating funny corporate videos that engaged with their audience.

They soon had their first viral TikTok about how other departments feel when the creative teams make them appear in TikTok videos.

Soon after that they started to include more people into their TikTok videos, such as Amalie Shaffer or Madison Leonard, or Chris Cunningham.

They were getting thousands of views on their TikToks combining funny videos with product videos, but things got better for them as soon as they started collaborating with this guy right here.


@Roll AI is an awesome solution for solo content creators! #ai #aitool #video #content

♬ original sound – ClickUp

The third video he made went viral with 23.000 views, 974 likes, and 1158 saves.

And that’s when I think the ClickUp team decided that collaborating with him is a great idea.

Chris Cunningham, ClickUp’s Head of Social Marketing even said in an interview that he triples down on something if he sees it works and this was the case on their new TikTok strategy.

Don’t need a big name to make a strategy work

I’ve searched all over the internet for ClickUp’s TikTok guy and I wanted you to sense my frustration so I did not give you his name so quickly.

So his name is Luke Kostka.

He owns New Norml Media company which is a content creation studio that creates and distributes content to showcase businesses and drive leads.

Chris Cunningham even said that it’s quite amazing that you don’t need a big brand to make things work, you just need a memorable face and a great mind.

He actually grew AdWorld’s account before ClickUp, and has a masterclass on AdWorld, but indeed he doesn’t have such a strong personal brand on his social accounts.

So what is ClickUp’s strategy on TikTok?

Creating videos about ClickUp’s buyer personas, such as project managers, scrum masters.

These videos talk about their struggles or funny moments that happen in their teams.

His videos went viral with more than 100.000 views, and even reached millions of views such as this one about project managers that has 6.7 million views, 194.700 likes, and 17.200 likes.

And you know what’s the best part? His manager, Chris, lets him do his job without micromanaging him.

So what happens with ClickUp’s TikTok videos?

If you think they only leave their TikTok videos for TikTok you are wrong.

ClickUp shares their best videos on their other social media accounts as well.

They used this TikTok video below about corporate jargon on the company’s LinkedIn page as well.

On TikTok the video had 792.800 views, 31.700 likes, and 4.339 saves.


Does anyone actually like corporate jargon? Or all we all just pretending? #corporatespeak #corporatejargon

♬ original sound – ClickUp

On LinkedIn the same video had 275 interactions, 60 comments, and 15 reposts.

It may not have so much engagement, but the comments are from project managers and product marketers, some of their buyer personas.

Also they did not forget about YouTube either.

The last video they put on YouTube was a year ago, but that did not stop ClickUp to test how their TikTok videos will work as YouTube shorts.

Some of them have a few hundred views, but others surpass 24.000 views like this video about working from home.

ClickUp goes all in on Linkedin

There was a saying a long time ago that if you’re not on Facebook you don’t exist, now this starts to apply more and more on LinkedIn especially for work professionals and B2B companies.

ClickUp is everywhere on LinkedIn – their founder creates posts on his personal account, their employees post as well, and their company page is daily updated. 

Founder led-content

I recently wrote some insights from Peter Caputa, CEO of Databox, who said that when CEOs don’t utilize their authoritative voice it’s just a miss opportunity for the business. 

This is definitely not the case with ClickUp’s CEO Zeb Evans.

Zeb is usually active on LinkedIn having an audience of 34.072 followers.

He talks a lot about ClickUp, but even more about what it takes to build a company, how to obtain investments, and how to raise yourself up if you fail.

Below is a LinkedIn post where he talks about raising funds saying that he had no clue of getting investments either, but there are some lessons that you should know.

He also creates posts about the events he goes to, such as the SaaStock Conference in Dublin.

This makes him connect even better with his audience and establish himself as a thought leader.

Plus, these posts also reflect the company culture and values.

They show that ClickUp values continuous learning, industry engagement, and the professional development of its leadership team.

Another thing I’ve noticed is Zeb’s personal trademark: the colorful shirt.

At all the events, images and videos he’s been to he had a colorful shirt on him.

Even in his profile picture he has a colorful shirt.

These bright colors usually match the vibrant colors of ClickUp.

Employee led-content

Hmm I want to include Chris Cunningham here.

Even though he is also a Founding Member of ClickUp, he is also the Head of Social Marketing.

Chris has an audience of 11.738 followers and started posting on LinkedIn in April 2014, but with more interest in the last couple of years.

One thing Chris does really well on his social media accounts is that as opposed to selling ClickUp, he entertains and educates his audience about ClickUp.

His best performing LinkedIn post is about how they bootstrapped ClickUp from $0 to $20 million.

He created a carousel showing everyone how they actually did it and how they can copy their strategies.

This post generated 160 comments so that’s a lot of engagement.

Proof that sharing educational content attracts other professionals and industry experts to engage leading to meaningful conversations, collaborations, and new networking opportunities.

ClickUp is also lucky to have someone such as Chris guiding the social media team because he is not afraid to try new things on social media and trust his team like he does with Luke Kostka.

Company led-content

This is where everything is nicely put together like in a landing page.

If you go on ClickUp’s LinkedIn account in a few seconds you’ll understand what they do and their page will keep you hooked.

They have everything.

I think I can say they do it better than Lavender.

Don’t judge, it’s just my opinion.

Let’s break their content down

  1. Product updates

Want to learn how to take full advantage of Clickup as a marketer?

ClickUp has a great product demo on their page with their VP of Marketing showing you everything you need to know.

Tips from ClickUp employees showing you how to use the platform.

They also have carousels, events, and videos showing you how their features work.

They present their product in various forms so they won’t bore their audience, keeping them interested.

  1. Entertainment content

They rule this type of content as well.

Obviously they incorporate the TikTok videos, but they also create funny memes and written-text, and even create gaming videos between themselves and their competitors, such as this one with Jira.

  1. Social interactions from conferences

On ClickUp’s page you can find posts about the conferences the team attended and reposts from Chris Cunningham or Zeb Evans.

  1. Value their employees

They’ve created content about their consultants to encourage their clients to approach them.

  1. Webinars and podcasts

ClickUp shares and reposts everything from webinars and podcasts Chris or Evan’s attended, webinars from their marketing teams, events about how to scale your content with their product.

  1. Anything you can think of

Lessons to keep in mind

Whether you read the article until the end or just skipped and landed here, I want you to remember these key takeaways if you’re planning to develop an amazing social media strategy like ClickUp’s.

  1. Don’t be afraid to trust your collaborators and employees. You hire people in your company to help you thrive, not to bury you. Sync to make sure you align with the final goals and then let them do their part of the job without micromanaging. People will appreciate you and do their best to maintain your trust.
  1. You don’t necessarily need big personal brands to help your business thrive. Influencers might be quite expensive and may not deliver what you want because they will also have to adapt your content to their personal brand.

ClickUp’s “TikTok guy” as Chris names him, is doing an amazing job. Luka is growing ClickUp’s TikTok, grew AdWorld’s account, yet I had to surf all the internet for his name. He doesn’t have a big brand, but he knows how to do the job, and after all, that is what matters. 

  1. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose – If a video works on TikTok there are chances it will work on LinkedIn or YouTube Shorts as well, but you’ll never know if you don’t test. Take advantage of the pieces of content that you have and repurpose them on your platforms to see what will spark your audience’s attention.
  1. Get your employees involved in raising a brand. Your employees know your products better than influencers. Help them grow their personal brands and make them evangelists or B2B creators.
  1. Create various content types for LinkedIn. You have to treat your LinkedIn company page like a landing page. Present social proof, employees, product updates, and edutainment content to keep your audience hooked. 

I hope these takeaways will help you develop a strong social media presence like ClickUp did.

ClickUp has done an exemplary job creating a vibrant and effective social media presence that drives engagement and enhances their brand’s visibility and reputation.