Turning your skills into business gold: Amanda Bagley’s people-centric approach

Amanda Bagley
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Success is built on relationships, there is no arguing with that.

So if you want to build a strong personal brand that is well-respected, you should focus on creating genuine connections with people from your industry and beyond.

Why should B2B creators try the people-centric approach

Did you know that strong interpersonal skills are just as important as technical expertise for building your personal brand? 

Being a people person can offer multiple benefits for your networking, communication, community building, and personal branding.

By participating or organizing different events, conferences, or social meet ups you can develop your networking skills and build stronger connections within your industry.

This is essential, especially if you want to create new opportunities and collaborations within your company or strengthen your personal brand.

Getting involved in hosting events and dinners can boost your visibility and position yourself as a central figure in your industry.

Sharing insights and establishing yourself as a thought leader can enhance your influence within the industry.

But if you want to create and maintain that supportive networking, posting online on platforms such as LinkedIn or X is as important as participating at live events.

Share insightful content, participate in discussions, show images and videos from the events you hosted or participated, and interact directly with your audience to strengthen your brand’s presence.

Connect with people and promote industry peers to build a collaborative environment, as Amanda Bagley does on her LinkedIn promoting people like Todd Clouser.

Being people-centric adds authenticity to your personal brand, making you relatable and trustworthy.

And once you build a strong personal brand you can think of owning your media and create a newsletter, podcast, or a blog where you can address and maintain that strong communication with your network.

Who is Amanda Bagley?

Amanda is a people person and you’ll be able to see that the minute you open up her LinkedIn account.

It’s full of events, gatherings, podcasts, photos and posts about great people from the marketing and sales world like Devin Reed, Todd Clouser, Dave Gerhardt, Kaylee Edmondson, and so on.

Amanda works in the Sales department at AudiencePlus, but she does so much more, being host of AudiencePlus events and being a host of one of their shows held on their website.

Before being part of AudiecePlus, Amanda was a Founding SDR at Qualytics where among other tasks she revamped the company website to highlight updated messaging and product offering, developed and refined ideal customer profiles, buyer personas, and end user personas. 

She also worked for Chili Piper as AE Team Lead and worked her way up to Senior AE Manager. 

Earlier in her career she was an English Instructor specialized in English for Business and some of the companies she taught were Kaufland, Lidl, Illig, Marbach Group Baier and Schneider, Audi, Allianz, Mercedes, Repsol.

Amanda also started to build her personal brand on LinkedIn in March 2020 and gained a total of 13.730 engagements: 10.917 reactions and 2.721 comments, and 92 reposts.

Why is she a B2B creator?

  1. Builds her brand around audience building
  2. Host of Talk Media with Amanda
  3. Constantly connects her audience to AudiencePlus
  4. Hosts dinners and events, connecting and bringing people together

A. Builds her brand around audience building

Amanda reminds me a bit of Alexis Bertholf because she also created her personal brand based on what the company she’s working at promotes and sells.

Amanda often shares her opinion on building an audience on her LinkedIn supporting AudiencePlus’ message: companies should own their media channels to further own their audience and not depend on social media platforms.

To prove her point, Amanda created a post about how she tried to see her network, but LinkedIn faced some issues and could not show her the people in her list.

She wrote a post about the importance of creating content for your audience and not for algorithms.

The reason she created this post is that she was at Global Ambassador working late after she did a podcast recording and that’s when she was introduced to a famous British Carp Angler, content creator, and co-star of an ITV show for KordaTackle.com a media company for the Carp fishing industry.

He told her that their company aims to share some of the finest content the industry has to offer, aiming to motivate and inspire their audience.

So, the main idea is that regardless of how niche your audience is, creating content specifically tailored to their interests and needs can be very effective and bring you more revenue.

She also recommends a list with her favorite people owning their media and owning their audiences among which Devin Reed, JK Sparks, and Kaylee Edmondson.

B. Host of Talk Media with Amanda

Amanda is also the host of AudiencePlus’ show called Talk Media with Amanda.

It’s a short three minute video where Amanda talks about the latest news in marketing, sales, and partnerships of the brands they admire and about what happened at AudiencePlus.

The thumbnails of the videos are in AudiencePlus’ brand colors and I think they are filmed in one of their work rooms because you can see the Audience Plus logo reflecting in the window.

There are only five episodes that went out from February to March 2024. 

Amanda continues to host a short show about what they’ve done lately, the latest collabs but in a different set up.

By the way, this setup is also used by Anthony Kennada, the Founder and CEO of Audience Plus.

The last ones she did were to promote their event called GoldenHour which took place on April 17th 2024.

I’ve noticed she continues to use the same background when she is invited to different podcasts, such as the Make it Happen Monday Podcast by John Barrows.

C. Constantly connects her audience to Audience Plus

Amanda lives and breathes AudiencePlus.

She constantly connects her audience to the company and often talks about their latest events, conference gatherings, and often promotes content about Anthony.

Amanda wrote a post about her joining Audience Plus.

She mentions she was really excited, and for several reasons.

The thrill of being part of an early-stage startup comes from the chance to contribute to a vision from its inception and play a role in shaping the B2B marketing, offering a sense of adventure and creative influence.

Amanda also spoke about the broader impact they aim to have on the industry.

By leading a movement that encourages others to find their unique voice and create relevant  content, AudiencePlus is setting a precedent. 

D. Hosts dinners and events connecting and bringing people together

Amanda is a people person.

She loves being surrounded by people, whether friends, family, colleagues, or people she meets at conferences, podcasts, or different social events.

She’s a dynamic person who isn’t afraid to take the mic and speak to an entire room of marketing and sales people like she did at GoldenHour.

Speaking of this event, everyone in their team promoted it the best they could, but Amanda outdid them all.

On her LinkedIn she has 32 posts about the event about the prelaunch, at the event, and posts from after the event.

She even created a video talking about exclusive executive dinners and why they made things differently at GoldenHour.

She thinks at conferences people are scattered between one Happy Hour to the next, going from one dinner party to another, and always end up thinking they missed something.

Bagley then explains the concept of GoldenHour and the fact that “all our invites are VIPs in our eyes”.

Amanda also posts about hosting dinners and also about being invited to dinners, such as the one held by Gartner CSO.

She also encourages other B2B creators like Devin Reed, and created a post about his podcast Reed Between the Lines.

What are 3 lessons B2B should keep in mind from Amanda?

1. Build and own your media channels

Working for AudiencePlus made Amanda encourage companies to own their media channels instead of relying solely on social media platforms.

We’ve actually seen companies start to understand the importance of their own media, such as Lavenderland, Drone Deploy, or The Flow by Hockey Stack, and we will definitely see more.

By owning your media channels you control your content distribution and audience engagement, reducing dependency on third-party platforms that can experience outages or changes in algorithms.

2. Build a strong personal brand aligned with the business values

If you’re a B2B creator working in a company where the culture and company mission resonate with your professional and personal values, you should develop a personal brand that reflects and amplifies your company’s mission and values.

This synergy can greatly enhance your company’s visibility and credibility in the market, but will also help you grow your brand.

It’s a win-win situation for both your company and your brand.

3. Be a people person

Building strong relationships is what Amanda focuses on.

She actively participates in events, conferences, social gatherings which only highlight how much she values networking.

Establishing strong connections within the industry can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations, while forming lasting relationships with fellow colleagues or with potential clients.

This people-centric approach can provide you a solid foundation for growth if you make time to build an extensive and supportive network.

Final Thoughts

Amanda Bagley is one of the friendliest B2B creators that masters the people-centric approach.

From hosting industry events to actively promoting colleagues, you can see how much she prioritizes building strong connections around her company and her personal brand.

Her vibrant online presence reflects this approach.

Now, I’m just curious to see how her brand evolves, so I will definitely keep an eye on her.